In January 2023 we held public events at The Belfry Shopping Centre in the town centre. These events were an opportunity for us to discuss our plans with local residents and hear your feedback on how they have been emerging.

Following your feedback, we have continued engagement with local community groups and worked on significant changes to the plans.

As of February 2024, substantial changes have been made including a reduction in height from 19 to 15 storeys.

You can download the materials on display at the consultation events here. Please note that these materials do not reflect the changes made since the events.

The updated plans will:

Deliver much-needed improvements to Redhill Station
In its Local Plan, Reigate and Banstead Council identifies that Redhill Town Centre is a key area of regeneration, and that it will need improvements to transport infrastructure to ensure that the town meets its full potential. Without the use of public subsidy, this scheme delivers much-needed improvements to Redhill Station. Find out more about our plans for the station here.
Reduce traffic in the immediate vicinity of the station
The proposals carefully consider how to remove existing conflict between pedestrians and vehicles, making the station safer for all to use and reducing congestion around Redhill Station. Delivering these homes at this central location will save 5,400 miles of car journeys from local roads every day compared to an edge-of-town development of the same size.
Relieve pressure on greenfield sites by providing homes where they are needed most
These plans provide 255 high-quality homes at the very heart of Redhill, with easy access to town centre shops, public transport and public open spaces. By providing homes here, they are not only more sustainable but they relieve pressure on greenfield locations at the edge of town which would be a less sustainable and more car-dependent alternative to provide housing.
Respond to local needs and local feedback
The plans have been significantly revised following feedback from local residents, groups and authorities. This includes a reduction in height from 19 storeys to 15 storeys, and a carefully considered design which is even more in keeping with Redhill. The scheme responds to changes in the way people use Redhill Station.
Have sustainability at their heart
These plans are highly sustainable. Reigate and Banstead Council have identified Redhill as a key area for growth, in large part because of its well-connected transport infrastructure supported by Redhill Station. With significant improvements to the train station, an enlarged bus stop, and an increase of 20% in cycle parking across the site, the scheme incentivises sustainable travel for existing and new residents.

The below graphic slide shows the original and revised planning submission schemes, including the primary elevation to the new station and residential marker building as viewed northwards from Marketfield Way. We have reduced the overall height by 4 storeys to sit more closely with existing buildings, revised the materials to increase the extent of lighter bricktones, and included a variety of brick patterns and balcony configurations to provide more architectural interest.